HP Envy 4520 a detailed overview

Presently, the all-in-one printers have become the hot favorites. These printers come with great features that make them indispensable for the modern home or business needs. The hp envy 4520 has managed to earn a good reputation in this category. You will find the hp envy 4520 review at many websites. You can compare it with the other all-in-one printers and then decide on the best. These printers are also referred as multi functional printers offering additional features of scanning, faxing and copying in addition to printing.

The hp envy 4520 is wireless and has the provision of printing in both sides. You can also take prints from your phone and tablets. The best thing about this printer is it is very affordable. This printer packs quite a punch and therefore becoming a hot favorite. For ease of access all the controls of the printer are available on a touch screen. The initial setup is easy and you are soon ready for your first print no sooner you un-box the hp envy 4520. Learn more about printers here.

The hp envy 4520 supports HP’s ePrinting standard. You simply need to set it up with an E-mail address and thereon the printer is all set to print everything that appears in that specific mail address. The print quality, both color and black and white are commendable. The scanner also does a good job. The printing speed is also very good. The standard quality prints is done at 8.7ppm, the draft print can be accomplished at 13.5ppm and the color print is done at 1.8ppm. There is no such difference in speeds when printing is done with the help of Wi-Fi. Read complete hp envy 4520 review by going here.

The paper handling and performance happen to be the key features of any printer. The hp envy 4520 comes with an adjustable slider, capable of handling paper of various sizes that include A4, A5, B5, DL, C6 and A6. Based on your requirements you can use both the plain and photo papers for prints. In case you were wondering about brochures, yes the hp envy 4520 also permits the brochure papers to be used. You get an outstanding 1200 dpi resolution during scanning. The print outs are of 600 x 300 dpi for both the color and black and white. Additionally, you are also have the flexible option of enlarging or reducing the size of the print outs. The highest enlargement it supports is 400% and the reduction can be up to 25% of the original image.
In a nutshell, the main benefits of hp envy 4520 are its affordable price with Wi-Fi facility, the ability to print dual side, the use of ink delivery technology, the use of extra large cartridges and the option to print remotely from anywhere. If you check for HP Envy 4520 review, you will find few drawbacks are there.The drawbacks of the printer are the unavailability of a memory card reader slot, the absence of a document feeder and the absence of an Ethernet port. Despite the slight hindrances, the advantages of this printer make it a great choice considering its affordable price range.